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St. Petersburg city tour

This tour can be done in the three versions:

Short (2 hours) – 3500 roubles (or 50  euro or 60 USD)

Standard (4 hours) – 5300 roubles (or 75 euro, or 85 USD)

Unlimited (8-10 hours).  7000 roubles (100 euro or 110 USD)

Each walking tour will be individauly planned  for according to your personal interests. The guide will do his/her best to make your tour exlusive and intersting. Anything you like from off the hidden courtyards and local markets to the big squares and catherdrals.

We can do it by walking, or using the public transport. Tickets to the places you visit are not included to the price.

St. Petersburg metro tour

St. Peterburg metro tour
tour in St. Petersburg metro

3500 roubles (or 50  euro or 60 USD)

St. Petersburg’s metro is not only the most popular public transportation in St. Petersburg. It was built in Stalin times, when it was a kind of a shop window of the Soviet Union. Every foreigner coming to Leningrad visited “palaces underground”.

We will start our tour in Avtovo station, that is widely considered to be one of the most exquisitely decorated metro stations in the world.

During the metro tour you can see the stations decorated with marble and granite, bronze reliefs and chandeliers, torches, mosaics, monuments and gorgeous columns made of pressed glass. With its 110m depth, St. Petersburg’s metro is the deepest in the world. During the excursion you will see the most beautiful metro stations, learn the different types of the stations’ construction and get information about the history and functions of the metro in St. Petersburg, with its current 63 stations, the transmission capacity of 2.3 million people per day.

Duration 1,5 hours

The October revolution tour

3500 roubles (or 50  euro or 60 USD)

Our guides will tell you the full story of the October revolution which has happened in Saint-Petersburg in 1917. Being a capital and a big industrial center with the Russian Empire Petergrad  has become a so-called cradle of revolution. The streets and the squares of the city became witnesses of riots and revolts, protests and demonstrations.

We will start in an old working class district – Viborgskaya storona at the Lenin’s square where Lenin has made his historical speech after coming back to Russia from an exile. We’ll see Finliandsky railway station steam locomotive on which Lenin was hiding from a Provisional government, see The Big House (KGB Headquarters), the Kresty prison and the story of political prisoners being held there, the cruiser Aurora which has made a blank shot – a start signal for the Revolution, the building for the Baltic fleet admirals, the Building-commune for the political prisoners, the monument for the Soviet political prisoners «the Solovky stone» and finish near former headquarters of the Bolshevik party on Petrorgad district.

Duration 1,5 hours

 900 days of Leningrad blockade

The Siege of Leningrad
Feel Free Tour Leningrade Blockade

3500 roubles (or 50  euro or 60 USD)

The tour is about the daily life of leningradians during the 900 days of the blockage of the city that was one of the longest and most destructive sieges in history. The guide will tell you about an occupation of people in war days and as well how they tried to survive in starvation time.
Hero City Obelisk at Vosstaniya Square
The building of “VIR” – as rescued a collection of seeds
Astoria hotel – a hospital for cultural workers
Angleter hotel – hospital for lightly wounded men
Bronze Horseman – how the monument was covered
The admiralty – how the building was masked, work of climbers on masking of spikes and domes
The winter palace – the life of museum in siege days. Evacuation of exhibits, air-raid shelters
Nevsky Prospect, 7/9 – Research vitamin institute
Nevsky Prospect, 14 – “This part of the street is the most dangerous during an artillery shelling!”
The Book house – book-trade in the siege city
Engelgardt’s house – destruction and restoration
Big Philharmonic hall – “The Leningrad symphony”
“Gostiniy dvor” – destruction, architectural competition in the 1942, work in siege days
Nevsky Avenue and Sadovaya Street corner – “The bloody crossroads”
The Nevsky, 52 – “Siege theater”
The Nevsky, 42 – a military registration and enlistment office
Malaya Sadovaya Street, 3 – a loud-speaker
Italian, 23 – radio station
“Aleksandrinskiy” theater – Operetta theater performances, symphony concerts
“Anichkov” Bridge – a rescue of statues, traces from a bombs

Duration 1,5 hours

Flea Market Tour

3500 roubles (or 50  euro or 60 USD)

The tour is made on Sundays and Saturdays. We will take you to one of the biggest flee-markets of the city – Udelny market. You ll be able to see strange Soviet time relicts, make photos and maybe buy something. the guide will help you to discuss prices.

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